Dirty Dog Deeds  800-796-6607

The Dirt Cheap Southeastern Michigan, Northern Ohio and Pittsburg areas premier Pooper Scooper

Servicing a large number of customers has allowed us to keep our prices low.

   Billed Price                            Auto Pay                               (we mail you a bill               (credit or debit card)                        you send us a check)

One Dog $11.00/week              $9.00/week

Two Dogs $13.00/wk                $11.00/wk

Three Dogs $15.00/wk              $13.00/wk

extra dogs $2.00/wk each 

Save $2.00 a week by paying with credit or debit card.

Billed once a month

We pick up and remove your pet's waste and dispose of it at our commercial dumpster.  We are not a home-based operation like most Scoopers.  If your former Scooper just quit coming one day, it is most likely that their neighbors or trash collectors shut them down. (Would you want 1000 pounds discarded next door to you?)

Please inquire at  info@dirtydogdeeds.com


Areas in Ohio that we service Cleveland, Akron and Toledo vicinities.

Michigan areas covered include Detroit, Pontiac, Mount Clemens, Ann Arbor, Howell, Flint and Wyandotte.

We cover all cities near any of the above listed.  Please call if you would like to be sure.